[mohv] Mauve rhymes with cove. It is a whitish purple color used interchangeably with floral lavender.

[lah-ven-der] Lavender is a popular, fragrant flower and oil, making it notably more common than mauve. To avoid confusion, ‘mauve’ is used to describe lavender-colored plants that aren’t lavender flowers.


lay out in lavender
This is a reference to laying lavender flowers around a dead body. The expression refers to one of two things, depending on region.
1. show in the best possible way (Br.). Rachelle knew her parents wouldn’t approve of her fiancé at first, so she gushed about his strengths and laid him out in lavender before introducing him. Eventually they approved.
2. to scorn or criticize (US). The reporter wrote damning comments about Mr. Athlete’s dedication to his team, so expect Mr. Athlete to lay him in lavender the next time they speak. I wouldn’t want to be that reporter.