Cascading Questions

Cascading Q’s, or Cascading Questions, is a warm up where rows of students compete in asking and answering a simple question. It builds communicative acuity, helps practice specific language patterns, and is a perfect segue into your lesson. Here’s what to do:


What to Do

  1. Organize students into rows or columns.
  2. Define which end will be the starting point. The first person of each row will turn to the next student and ask the first question. Let’s use “What is your favorite pastime?” for our example.
  3. The second student will answer the question, “My favorite pastime is studying English” and ask the third student, “What’s your favorite pastime?”
  4. The third student answers and continues this cascading pattern until the last person in the row answers the question.
  5. Congratulate the winning group and give students a round of applause for their efforts.
  6. Start your lesson.



  • Put students into rows before explaining the activity. After explaining, provide a quick demonstration with you asking the first question, another student answering, and then. Do this after putting students into rows to avoid confusion.
  • Keep energy high by finishing the activity after the fastest group reaches the end. This circumvents the possibility of one group getting lazy and infecting the rest of the class.