Save all forms to your computer before beginning the test! Your computer will not save the information if opened directly from the website.

Here are the files for the front mid and low vowel perception test. These are the vowels you hear in words such as ‘bet’ and ‘bat.’ Be sure to listen to the test in a quiet area where you are not going to be distracted.


  1. Complete (a) the consent form and (b) the language contact questionnaire.
  2. Save (c) the Speech Perception Test answer sheet to your computer before you begin the test. Your information will not save properly if you open it directly from the website.
  3. Click on each part of the test to hear the audio (in “Speech Perception test” below).
  4. Listen to each part of the test and complete the answer sheet as you go along.
  5. Save your answers.
  6. Email your completed answer sheet and post test questionnaire (attached to the answer sheet) to
  7. That’s all!


Speech Perception test