6-Sided Dice: Basic

 6-Sided Dice: Quirky

6-Sided Dice: Blank

 4-Sided Dice: Basic

 4-Sided Dice: Quirky

 4-Sided Dice: Blank




How do I use these dice?

Click on an image above and download the pdf (click here if you don’t have the Adobe pdf reader). Cut them out, fold them at each line, and form a cube or pyramid. Tape the sides together or use glue on the flaps.

What are the symbol dice for?

Sometimes you might want sides of your dice to represent something other than a number. For example, you might want to have one side mean you ask a question, but another side to mean you must do an action. It also adds diversity. The four-sided dice have characters that represent numbers 1-4, so you can use them as a fun replacement for regular dice.

Why do you have blank dice?

This allows you to fill out each side with whatever information you’d like. It is especially good for questions or review.  One side could say, “Introduce yourself” while another could read, “Compare and contrast two things for one minute.”