Vocabulary We’ve tracked down useful terms that you might not have known or used properly and shoved them into helpful word lists. This  is a great way to build your global vocabulary and brush up on pronunciation.          

Forum – The English Genie forum is a great way to find solutions and connect with other people. Ask and answer questions about grammar, vocabulary, tests, or anything else related to English studies. Click here to be on your way!

Grammar – From subject/ verb agreement to different tenses and comparatives, our-easy-to-use grammar guide can help put things together for you.  If you know where you need help, check out our listed topics and start putting things together.

Conversation Topics Handout

Use conversation handouts for free talking ideas, debate, creative thinking, writing topics, or personal introspection. Use them as a whole for groups to choose from or cut them into strips for random topic lotteries. Click on the image for a printable pdf. If you don’t have a pdf reader, go here for Adobe’s free Acrobat […]

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Printable Lesson Plan Template

Save time planning and organizing your English classes by printing and filling out this lesson plan template. Sections include date, topic, goal, vocabulary/ grammar, materials, warm-up, review, lecture, activity 1, activity 2, and closing. For lesson precision, add the expected completion time for your activities to the right of the appropriate section headings. Click on […]

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Certificate of Recognition Templates

Certificates of recognition officially recognize students who have done a good job. It might not be something they put on their resume, but an official acknowledgment of their efforts is a nice pat on the back. Here are a few types of certificates you may find suitable: Certificate of Recognition Students who obtain a certain […]

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Minimal Pairs: /z/ vs /dʒ/

Raise or rage? These minimal pairs help practice the difference, targeting the sounds while having fun with pronunciation. Print the activity sheet below for greatly interactive lessons. If you don’t have a pdf reader, go here for the latest version from Adobe. What to do Download and print the handout. Illustrate the difference between the […]

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