Subject + base verb

Examples: I walk They run
You kill He/ she/ it waits*
We eat *Note: add -s to the verb when the subject is he, she, or it. If the verb ends in -y, change the -y to an -i and add -es.



Use present simple when explaining how something is or usually is. More specifically, present simple is used for:

 1.  Facts

–  Gravity prevents us from floating around.

 2.  General truths and stereotypes

–  Doctors are treated with more respect than educators.

 3.  Common occurrences

–  Students often ignore teachers after a big lunch.

4.  Habits

–  I pull my hair when marking tests.

 5.  Feelings and preferences

–  I enjoy holidays. I don’t really like the stress of work. I prefer holidays to work stress.

6.  Discussing or reviewing literature

–  In Catch 22, Joseph Heller illustrates the illogical chasm that occasionally forms between reality and practicability.