Subject + have/ has + past participle

Examples: I have walked They have run
You have killed He/ she/ it has waited*
We have eaten *Note: use ‘has’ when the subject is he, she, or it.




1.  Use present perfect for talking about experiences or accomplishments from an unspecified time.

–  I have visited several major cities in many countries.

–  England has won the World Cup of Soccer, but I can’t remember when.

2.  Talk about an experience or situation that started at a point in past and has continued until now by adding ‘for’ or ‘since.’

–  Young people have become crazier since YouTube launched in 2005.

–  Disco hasn’t been popular for many years.

 3.  You can add a number of times/ occurrences to present perfect sentences, but not a specific point in time.

right:       She has been to the washroom three times in the last hour.

wrong:    She has been to the washroom 5 minutes ago.*


Note: use simple past, NOT present perfect, if you  want to say the time that something happened.

–  She went to the washroom 5 minutes ago.