Subject + have/ has + been + ing

Examples: I have been walking They have been running
You have been killing He/ she/ it has been waiting
We have been eating




Use present perfect continuous for things that have been occurring recently, especially when you want to mention how long it has been going on.

–  I have been studying (for many hours).

–  My tummy has been bothering me (since I skipped dinner to finish writing this grammar point).


Note: adding ‘for’ or ‘since’ to present perfect or present perfect progressive sentences can give them the same function. For example:

–  My wife has wanted to leave me for years  

is the same as

–  My wife has been wanting to leave me for years.


Notice the difference


Present perfect vs present perfect continuous

Present perfect just says something has happened in the past. “I have hit my brother” indicates that it happened, but when isn’t important and it probably wasn’t recently.

Present perfect continuous implies the action happened recently and repeatedly. “I have been hitting my brother” suggests you were doing it recently and over a period of time. Maybe you were attacking your poor brother when I called you on the phone.