Players: 2+

Materials: a deck of cards (you can use a business card or square piece of paper instead), an erasable marker, a white board eraser, a wet sponge or cloth

Time: 10+ minutes

Targets: asking and answering questions

Basic Idea: Players sit around a table with a card stuck to their head and try to get the name that is written on their card.



  1. Distribute one card to each student. If using a pen instead of a marker, distribute additional cards or paper.
  2. Place students into small groups.
  3. Instruct students to write a famous person’s name on their card. The name must be a person everyone will know, including the person guessing. Your country’s current president is a good idea; your country’s third president might not be.
  4. Add a little water to the side of the card you didn’t write on and slap it on another player’s forehead. If you can’t do this due to hairstyle or makeup, stick it under their hat, tape it to their back or have them hold it.
  5. Instruct students that the guesser must ask five questions each turn to deduce the famous person’s name on their head.
  6. Determine who goes first and go clockwise from there.
  7. If the student guesses incorrectly, their turn is over.
  8. The card is kept on the student’s head until they are able to guess who they are or they give up.


Easy: informative responses


Guesser: Am I a man or woman?

Other players: A man

Guesser: Am I alive or dead?

Other players: You’re alive

Guesser: Where do I live?

Other players: You live in America

Guesser: What do I do?

Other players: You’re a politician

Guesser: What am I famous for?

Other players: Becoming the first orange President of the USA

Guesser: I know; I’m Donald Trump!

Other players: You got it! Now take that stupid card off your head!


Hard: Yes or No responses


Guesser: Am I a woman?

Other players: No, you’re not

Guesser: Am I alive?

Other players: Yes, you are

Guesser: Do I work in the USA?

Other players: Yes you do

Guesser: Am I American?

Other players: No, you aren’t

Guesser: Hmm. I work in the US but I’m not American…am I Canadian?

Other players: Yes, you are.

Guesser: Am I a musician?

Other players: Yes, you are.

Guesser: Did I have a song in Titanic?

Other players: Yes, you did.

Guesser: I’m Celine Dion!



  • Guess the Card

For beginner classes working on numbers, colors, and shapes, have students guess what the card is. Use words like between, over, under, greater than, and less than to narrow your card down.


Player 1: Is my card less than 10?

Player 2: Yes.

Player 1: Is my card greater than 5?

Player 2: No.

Player 1: So my card is between 1 and 5?

Player 2: Yes, that’s right.

Player 1: Is my card greater than 3 or less than 3?

Player 2: Neither.

Player 1: Ah! It’s a 3! Is it red?

Player 2: Yes.

Player 1: Is it a diamond?

Player 2: No.

Player 1: My card is the 3 of hearts.