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What Time Is It Mr. Wolf?

Players: 2+ (groups of 4 work well, but these instructions are for 2 players)

Materials: a table or desk

Time: 5+ minutes



1.  Two or more players sit across from each other at a table.

2.  Choose one player to be Mr.Wolf. Mr. Wolf must sit on one side opposite to the other players. His eyes should be closed.

3.  Each player’s hands should be placed naturally at the edge of the table closest to them.

4.  The other players ask, “What time is it Mr. Wolf?”

5.  Mr. Wolf says a time of day. Whatever time Mr. Wolf says, Player 2 must “walk” that distance with his or her fingers. For example, five o’clock means Player 2 will take five finger steps. It’s your choice how big or small those steps are.

6.  When Mr. Wolf thinks Player 2 is close enough to catch, he will respond, “Lunch time!” open his eyes, and quickly try to touch Player 2’s hand.

7.  If Mr. Wolf succeeds, Player 2 then becomes Mr. Wolf. If not, they start again.



The original game is played outside with an entire class in a large open area. Mr. Wolf turns his back and everyone else yells, “What time is it Mr. Wolf? With each time Mr. Wolf says, the other players walk forward that many steps. When players get close enough, Mr. Wolf responds, “Time for Lunch” and turns to chase his victims. Once he catches someone, that person becomes Mr. Wolf.

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