Players: 2+

Materials:  Printable Scrabble letters (click image below), a table or other flat surface, a pen, a piece of paper

Time: 10+ minutes

No board necessary! Just place the markers on any flat surface and begin!

printable scrabble letters


1.  Download, print, and cut out the scrabble letters (print and cutout as many as you need to ensure you don’t run out).

2.  Get a piece of paper and a pen.

3.  Shuffle the letters and give each player 7 letters.

4.  Put the remaining letters face down in a pile.

5.  Choose one player to go first.

6.  Player 1 must make a word on the table with his or her letters.

7.  Total the numbers from each letter of the word and write the player’s score on a piece of paper.

8.  Player 2 must make a word using at least one of her letters plus one of the letters from a word on the table.

9.  If no words can be formed, Player 2 must give up his or her turn. The player has the option of exchanging some or all of their letters with letters in the pile.

10.  The game is over when the time is up, the table is full, the letters are exhausted, or no words can be made.

11.  The player with the most points wins the game.