Players: 2+

Materials: an area with many objects in it

Time: 2+ minutes

Targets: vocabulary

Basic Idea: One player “spies” something in the room or visible area and the other player(s) have to figure out what it is through a series of clues.


  1. Assign one person to be the spy. The spy must for something everyone can see, but might not guess at first glance.
  2. When ready, the spy tells the other player(s), “I spy with my little eye, something that…” along with a description of what was “spied.” It can be a color, a shape, the letter that the word starts with, an adjective, anything.
  3. The other players guess what the spy spied.


Player 1: I spy with my little eye, something that is soft.

Player 2: Is it the box of tissue?

Player 1: Nope. Here’s another hint: it’s round.

Player 2: It’s my belly!

Player 1: Wrong again. It starts with C.

Player 2: I give up.

Player 1: It’s the cushion you’re sitting on!



  • After finding what you want to say, keep looking around or it will be easy to guess.
  • Give an additional clue each time the guessers don’t guess properly.