Players: 2+

Materials: none required, but a vocabulary sheet with words related to the topic is helpful

Time: 3+ minutes

Targets: vocabulary

Basic idea: Students try to come up with words which start with letters in sequence of the alphabet.



  1. Choose a topic (occupations, animals, countries and cities, etc).
  2. Take turns coming up with words that start with each letter of the alphabet.

Occupations Example:

Student 1: Artist

Student 2: Bartender

Student 3: Coach

Student 4: Dentist

Animals Example:

Student 1: Ant

Student 2: Beaver

Student 3: Cat

Student 4: Dog

  1. The game is over when a person or team can’t come up with a word for their letter within a given amount of time.



  • For larger classes, you can split students into groups and have the groups play against each other—this allows them to pool their ideas—or have individuals play against each other within each group.

Download a full list of occupations that start with each letter of the alphabet here.