In the evening the seven Dwarfs came home, and you may think what a fright they got when they saw their dear Snow White lying on the floor, as still and motionless as a dead person. They lifted her up tenderly, and when they saw how tightly laced she was they cut the lace in two, and she began to breathe a little and gradually came back to life. When the Dwarfs heard what had happened, they said:

‘Depend upon it, the old peddler wife was none other than the old Queen. In future you must be sure to let no one in, if we are not at home.’

As soon as the wicked old Queen got home she went straight to her mirror, and said:

‘Mirror, mirror, upon the wall,
Who is the fairest among us all?’

and the mirror answered as before:

‘Royal queen, so grand and tall,

Here, you are the fairest of them all:

But over the hills, with the seven dwarfs old,

Lives Snow White, fairer still a hundredfold.’

When she heard this she became as pale as death, because she saw at once that Snow White must still be alive.

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