‘Beware of your step-mother. She will soon find out you are here, and whatever you do don’t let anyone into the house.’

Now the Queen, after she thought she had eaten Snow White’s lungs and liver, never dreamed but that she was once more the most beautiful woman in the world; so stepping before her mirror one day she said:

‘Mirror, mirror, upon the wall,

Who is the fairest among us all?’

and the mirror replied:

‘Royal queen, so grand and tall,

Here, you are the fairest of them all:

But over the hills, with seven dwarfs old,

Lives Snow White, fairer still a hundredfold.’

When the Queen heard these words she was nearly struck dumb with horror, for the mirror always spoke the truth, and she knew now that the Huntsman must have deceived her, and that Snow White was still alive. She pondered day and night how she might destroy her, for as long as she felt she had a rival in the land her jealous heart left her no rest.

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