with red cheeks, so that everyone who saw it longed to eat it, but anyone who might do so would certainly die on the spot. When the apple was quite finished she stained her face and dressed herself up as a peasant, and so she went over the seven hills to the seven Dwarfs’.

She knocked at the door, as usual, but Snow White put her head out of the window and called out:

‘I may not let anyone in, the seven Dwarfs have forbidden me to do so.’

‘Very well, but I’m just a poor woman selling apples,’ said the old woman, ‘Would you not at least try a bite of one? See, I will cut this apple in half. I’ll eat the white cheek and you can eat the red.’

But the apple was so cunningly made that only the red cheek was poisonous. Snow White didn’t want to offend the old woman, and the fruit was so tempting that when she saw the peasant woman eating it herself, she couldn’t resist any longer, and stretching out her hand she took the poisonous half. But before she could even swallow the first bite, she fell down dead on the ground. Then the eyes of the cruel Queen sparkled with glee, and laughing aloud she cried:

‘As white as snow, as red as blood, and as black as ebony, this time the Dwarfs won’t be able to bring you back to life.’

When she got home she grabbed the mirror and asked:

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