Fortunately it was now near evening, and the seven Dwarfs returned home. When they saw Snow White lying dead on the ground, they at once suspected that her wicked step-mother had been at work again; so they searched till they found the poisonous comb, and the moment they pulled it out of her head Snow White came to herself again, and told them what had happened. Then they warned her once more to be on her guard, and to open the door to no one.

As soon as the Queen got home she went straight to her mirror, and asked:

‘Mirror, mirror, hanging there, Who is now the land’s most fair?’

and it replied as before:

‘Royal queen, so grand and tall,

Here, you are the fairest of them all:

But over the hills, with the seven dwarfs old,

Lives Snow White, fairer still a thousandfold. ‘

When she heard these words she literally trembled and shook with rage.

‘Snow White shall die,’ she cried; ‘if it costs me my own life!’

Then she went to a little secret chamber, which no one knew of but herself, and there she made a poisonous apple. Outwardly it looked beautiful, white

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