In the middle of the fields the preacher met them, and when he saw the procession he said: ‘Shame on you, you good-for-nothing girls, why are you running across the fields after this young man? Is that seemly?’ At the same time he grabbed the youngest by the hand in order to pull her away, but as soon as he touched her he likewise stuck fast, and was himself obliged to run behind.

Dummling and the Golden Goose - The Laughing PrincessBefore long the preacher’s assistant came by and saw his master running behind three girls. He was astonished at this and called out: ‘Hi! your reverence, where are you going so quickly? Do not forget that we have a christening today!’ and running after him he took him by the sleeve, but was also held fast to it.

While the five were trotting thus one behind the other, two laborers came with their tools from the fields; the preacher called out to them and begged that they would set him and his assistant free. But they had scarcely touched the assistant when they were held fast, and now there were seven of them running behind Dummling and the goose.

Soon afterwards he came to a city, where a king ruled who had a daughter who was so serious that no one could make her laugh. So he had put forth a decree that whosoever should be able to make her laugh should marry her.


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